January 9, 2013, Santiago – Chile
Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Medicina


Rob Phillips (California Institute of Technology, USA)
Hernán García (Princeton University, USA)
Jané Kondev (Brandeis University, USA)


10:30 Auditorio Julio Cabello: Welcome & presentation of BNI Millenium Institute. Andrés Couve, Director

11:00 “Adventure in Extrasensory Perception”, Rob phillips

11:30 “What I cannot create I do not understand: Wiring up bacteria and flies”, Hernán García

12:00 “DNA folding in cells”, Jané Kondev

12:30 Lunch

15:00 Guided tour of labs and facilities

16:30 Meeting with students and young investigators, “Discussion: Science at the interface of physics and biology”

18:00 PIZZA para todos


Andrés Couve
Steffen Härtel

Lugar Donde se Dictara el Simposio:

Sala Julio Caballero, Ubicada en el Zócalo del Aula Magna
Facultad de medicina de la Universidad de Chile
Av. Independencia 1027, Independencia.


Steffen Härtel, Andrés Couve

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