Capurro D, Echeverry A, Figueroa R, Guiñez S, Taramasco C, Galindo C, Avendaño A, García A, Härtel S,
Stud Health Technol Inform, 245, 693-695.

Despite the continuous technical advancements around health information standards, a critical component to their widespread adoption involves political agreement between a diverse set of stakeholders. Countries that have addressed this issue have used diverse strategies. In this vision paper we present the path that Chile is taking to establish a national program to implement health information standards and achieve interoperability. The Chilean government established an inter-agency program to define the current interoperability situation, existing gaps, barriers, and facilitators for interoperable health information systems. As an answer to the identified issues, the government decided to fund a consortium of Chilean universities to create the National Center for Health Information Systems. This consortium should encourage the interaction between all health care stakeholders, both public and private, to advance the selection of national standards and define certification procedures for software and human resources in health information technologies.

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