February 29th to March 11th, 2016
The course combines theory and practice on image processing focusing on fluorescence microscopy images. The course is divided in two parts, the first one presents the theory and methods to understand the algorithms for image processing included in most of the commonly used software packages such as Icy or Fiji. This part is taught by top researchers and developers working in the biomedical image processing field, using material and biological examples. The second part is a hands-on course where the student will applied the analyzed methods (or new ones) to their own image related research projects. This practical part will include the development of simple or more elaborated scripts or plugins, using the methods provided by the software packages.

We plan to populate the course with students from two different disciplines such as those with biological background and those trained in quantitative sciences such as mathematics, physics and informatics. The goal is to create small groups of students from different areas and combine their expertise to tackle a single problem.

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